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fine stationery hand printed in new york

hand printed stationery

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in the cards

Since 2014, Tiny Bones Press has been finding it's own place within the printed matter industry. Combining a love for writing notes and minimal design, we create stationery that encourages connecting while being beautiful in feel, eco-friendly and delicately designed. Visually feeling like a small print, the symbols sit on the bottom right hand corner and the color palette is neutral, muted tones evoking a sense of calm. All notecards are hand printed (either letterpressed or foiled) one by one on vintage presses in their studio in New York.

standard notecards

All of our flat A2 notecards are available as singles or sets of six (within their series) accompanied by a matching color envelope - the perfect size for writing a quick note. Whether it be to say hello or to include with a gift, they elevate the occasion by being their own statement piece. From the thick and luxurious feel of the paper to the original illustrations - they can be used everyday and on special occasions.



Our flat A7 memos are on extra thin text weight sheets meant to be folded into a smaller 4BAR white envelope. Great for a longer note or letter.  Each sheet has a small phrase delicately foil stamped to the top center.  Packaged as a set of eight, they also make a unique gift.


for the home

And also, for the table - blank place card and menu or welcome cards allow for you to set the table for a more formal affair. Tiny letterpress details frame your personalized handwritten text.  All place cards and menus are flat, encouraging the diner to pick up the card and feel the impression.  Each comes in a set of ten and can be used across any formal or informal setting.


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