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fine stationery hand printed in new york

hand printed stationery

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c o n n e c t

life is fleeting. things change. people move.

everything and everyone seems to be in flux.

slow down. put pen to paper.

send feelings to someone.

let them know you’re thinking of them,

express gratitude,

say hello.

go a little further everyday for yourself and the ones you love.

in the cards

tiny bones press has been finding it's own place within the printed matter industry. combining a love for writing notes and minimal design, we create stationery that encourages c o n n e c t i n g while being beautiful in feel, eco-friendly and delicately designed. visually feeling like a small print, they are a little piece of art to use everyday. all notecards are hand printed (either letterpressed or foiled) one by one on vintage presses in their studio in new york.


mindful packaging

we proudly have eliminated all plastic from our packaging and have committed to using recyclable materials from start to finish. this shift is important to us as a brand. to be ever conscious of what is being created and put into the world in a material aspect is something we are doing for our planet and generations to come.


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